United Church of Christ of St. Augustine
5880 US1 South
St. Augustine, FL. 32086
Rev. Donna Cooney : 386-244-4336



The UCC is a blend of four churches into one, which are Congregational (the Pilgrims of the Northeast), Christian (from the Carolinas and the South), Evangelical (German missionaries in the Midwest), and Reformed (from Switzerland who settled in Pennsylvania, Ohio and the Midwest).

Our Pastor : Donna Cooney

I have always known life was meant to be rich, holy, and abundant.

My search for a "true" spiritual home spurred my travels across continents and visits to churches, temples and mosques, but not until I arrived at the United Church of Christ (UCC) in 2006 was I able to experience that wonderful sense of coming home.

I left the family farm in Indiana at 17 and wandered to California. Later, with my military husband and children I traveled through Europe, Asia, the Adirondack Mountains and the Phoenix desert. During all those years, I knew I was in search of an ever-evasive spiritual connection.

Now, as part of the UCC I have discovered my gifts for becoming one with diverse groups of people, experiencing communion wherever bread is shared and worshiping whenever people sing. I have been encouraged to explore my faith, pushed to be inclusive, challenged to keep an open mind and invited to question.

It is my privilege to serve as Pastor of the United Church of Christ of St. Augustine. I am passionate about spiritual formation; committed, along with you, to shaping a creative community; and excited to share the message of original blessing.

In addition to serving as Pastor, I am a small business owner, a Rotarian and an advocate for the rights of women and immigrants. I hold a Master of Divinity degree and a B.S. in Business/Accounting.


  The United Church of Christ was organized in 1987 by a small group of citizens in St. Augustine and the surrounding areas.  Over the years the name of the congregation has changed, but the current name of "The United Church of Christ of St. Augustine" truly reflects both the freedom to act in accordance with the collective decisions of the local members, and to live in a covenantal relationship with the larger church community.


A History of Firsts:

2005  Marriage equality

1995  Singing a new song

1976  First African American leader elected

1973  Civil rights activists freed

1972  Ordination of first openly gay minister

1959  Historic ruling that airwaves are public property

1957  Spiritual and ethnic traditions unite

1853  First woman pastor

1846  First integrated anti-slavery society

1839  Works to free Amistad captives