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Sunday's at 10:00AM!

What to expect?

From Our Members . . .

"Whenever I appear here (snowbird that I am), I am welcomed and greeted with open arms. I am immediately incorporated into community life, and put to work (God's work, that is)"

-Rev. Susan Power Trucksess

"The liberal, open-minded atmosphere is exactly what I have sought throughout my spiritual journey."

-Joyce Herbold

"The messages are always so current and the supporting information so relevant to understanding the messages in our times and needs. We feel at home in our home away from home for the six months we are here. Thanks to all and God for leading us here."

-Nancy and BG Drewski

"I totally agree with the philosophy...all inclusive and loving. And, I love the people here.."

-Diane Caudle

A typical service includes a gathering of people from all walks of life! All are welcome.

Gathering Music
Welcome and Announcements
Sharing of our joys & concerns
Moment of meditation
Prayer of dedication
Lighting of the candles

call to worship
Weekly message
The Lord's Prayer
Hymn of the month
Circle of Blessing.